COVID-19: Open Letter To President Akufo-Addo

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Your Excellency,

I write to draw your attention to a worrying phenomenon in which the law is being used, unfairly applied in an attempt to end the pandemic.

Your Excellency, COVID-19 has taken a toll on the lives of humans and socio-economic activities of many nations. Thus, it has become necessary for Heads of States like yourself to put in measures to combat the pandemic head-on.

Excellency, there is no doubt about your commanding feat in handling the pandemic. You have been better at this than other countries. Your stance not to copy blindly from other countries is worth commending. With the lifting of the lockdown, we have been saved from the severe economic impact. A nation’s pride is in saving lives and livelihoods amidst the pandemic.

Mr. President, I am among the majority who take the fight against COVID-19 seriously. Yet, I am also among the minority who care about saving livelihoods and limiting political excesses. It is on this note that, I am drawing Your Excellency’s attention to reconsider some decisions such as the compulsory nose mask, ban on public gatherings and closure of borders.

In Ghana, malaria alone kills more than COVID-19. The severity of malaria -it implications on human lives and the economy – is dire. There are protocols such as sleeping in safe and treated mosquito nets, draining of stagnant water, periodic use of insecticides to drive away mosquitoes. While all these measures have helped to curb the spread the malaria infection, there is no justification for making these mandatory. It has never been the issue for mandatory fenced mosquito nets to protect oneself from the female anopheles’ mosquito. Your excellency, what has changed with COVID-19?

The impact of mandatory nose mask does not end the spread of the virus. Nose masks make COVID-19 endemic, there are emerging studies we need to pay attention to. Sweden and Denmark have proven this using science. we must understand and be empathetic with the health conditions of others. To use coercion gives rise to a police state and undermines the democracy we have long cherished. Individuals who are not swayed about how deadly the virus is, often wear masks for fear of police intimidation. In their closet, it is obvious to assume what could happen.

Mr. President, investment in education for health and wellness is sustainable, effective and peaceful than coercion. Something’s work best by education. As far back as your tenure as Attorney-General, we saw how you repealed some obnoxious laws. I do not feel COVID-19 should undermine your work. Again, as the Co-Chair of the Eminent Group of Advocates for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, you have been advocating for more sustainable solutions to the challenges the world is faced with today. This is not the time to turn back on respect for rights and freedoms. We must encourage people to understand and appreciate that rights and freedoms come with responsibilities.

Your excellency, we must lift the ban on public gathering. Public gathering has a significant therapeutic impact on the health and wellbeing of humans also. It also fosters the spread of ideas and innovation too. We have seen how international trade has contributed to peace and wealth creation. Once again, we must open up our borders. This would save further job losses.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Emmanuel Acquah.


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