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The Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment is an entrepreneurial and policy think tank dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and free markets. Our fellows and analysts conduct autonomous, impartial and professional research on a wide range of policies.

We aspire to become the leading think tank of excellence in entrepreneurial policy analysis, training, education and policy advocacy on effective utilization of Africa’s youthful population to engender a sustainably effective and efficient entrepreneurial growth within the context of free markets and libertarian values.

Established in 2019, ACEYE was co-founded by Emmanuel Acquah and Richmond Kwesi Ansah due to their personal experience on a restrained entrepreneurial growth and dwindling nature of socio-economic development in Africa coupled with limited opportunities. Their thought will later be manifested into a vision of a society free from excessive government, individual liberty, free markets, and peace. These ideals grant freedom to all to go about their entrepreneurial and socio-economic activities and also fosters a fair play ground to unleash human potentials. This will be the cradle of revolution: redefining and strengthening Africa’s Development for free and prosperous society based on liberty.

Our Values


Principled, ethical with no double standards. This helps us to inspire and impact a generation of ethical leaders.


Open to stakeholders who support our work or who our work revolves around.


Equal treatment, hiring policies and opportunities for all.


Ensuring our institution and others we work with are answerable to clients and the business ecosystem.

Communicate Effectively

Leverage on our strength and support of the media to make information readily available to stakeholders.

ACEYE’s Outreach

In an age of diverse thoughts and extreme partisanship, ACEYE is unwaveringly committed to providing rich, thoughtful and impartial analysis on public policies through deliberate set of effective communication channels, fostering tutoring for free society through and engaging policy leaders using tried dialogues and open conversations backed by research. We leverage on the mass media, social media and other flexible yet deliberate options such as Television and Radio Talk Shows, Public Speaking Engagements and blogs to reach our primary audience. Our work at ACEYE is to provide our audience with credible, rich and evidence-based information for policy initiation and reforms.

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