ACEYE Regional Entrepreneurship Freedom Index (REF Index) Report Launch

“According to the World Bank, Ghana’s unemployment rate hovers around 12% and underemployment hovers around 50%.” Young people are the most affected and the successive governments’ interventions have not yielded any substantial result in dealing with this problem. Government policies are manned by excessive bureaucratic institutions which render them ineffective and unsustainable to the extent that entrepreneurial growth is rather retrogressing.

Regardless of various support schemes by the government to support entrepreneurs, businesses are generally not having the liberty to operate freely.  This has led to severe economic hardships and tensions, thwarting Ghana’s peace and stability.

Ghana needs a conversation centered on entrepreneurial freedom in which businesses and individuals are free to work, produce, consume, and invest in any way they please. By launching the report, first of its kind, the Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment (ACEYE) attempts to shed light on where such freedoms do and don’t exist regionally. This is to ensure the rewards of freedom are evenly distributed. 

About the REF Index Report

The maiden edition of the REF Index report provides data for policy initiation and reforms within Ghana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

It also provides donors, investors, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, capacity building centres, educational centres, the international community with credible and reliable data for evidence-based interventions to maximize impact and shared growth.

Below is the ranking of all 16 regions in Ghana according to a set of indicators:

REF Index Ranking Composite Score

Pictures from the ACEYE REF Index Report Launch