Building an effective and free African Society where freedom, opportunity, prosperity can be experienced by All.

ACEYE’s mission is to promote entrepreneurship and free markets by influencing policies on the back of research, professional analysis, nurturing tutoring, advocacy and advisory services.

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Effective Research

Deliver timely, precise and relevant research on key policy issues.


Tested and fully Integrated Solutions

Track and apply liberal policies to help build an effective and free African Society where individuals especially young people have a better life.


Excellent Communications

Effectively reach out to our primary audiences with our findings.

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Debts in Africa

Message to The West: Why You Should Not Forgive Africa of Its Debt Trespasses

August 12, 2021by

Debt robs Africa of its dignity: it brings to the open, conversations centred on...

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The Axe hanging on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)

February 25, 2021by

The AfCFTA has been of keen interest to the Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and...

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John Mahama and Nana Addo

Emmanuel Acquah’s take on Ghana’s 2020 Elections brouhaha

December 17, 2020by

Comrades, this is my side of the ongoing insurgencies and heated political debate after...

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Open Letter to President Akoffo Addo

ON THE MATTER OF SARS: An Open letter to President Akuffo Addo

October 31, 2020by

I write to further engage your kind attention on the nerve-wracking situation in Nigeria...

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Coercivism and Extortionism, A Threat to Freedom and Prosperity in Africa

Coercivism and Extortionism, A Threat to Freedom and Prosperity in Africa

October 11, 2020by

“Using coercion to drive charity is like using kidnapping to create love” – Stefan...

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20 of Dr. Nigel Ashford’s best quotes ever from his book” Principles for a Free Society”

September 17, 2020by

In an age characterized by interventionism, protectionism, wars, dictatorial powers, corruption, inequality, immorality and...

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Okada Business Regulation

Okada Business: Safety or saving livelihoods. A cause – effect analysis

August 29, 2020by

Okada has been trending prior to Ghana’s election 2020 as political parties seek to...

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The Change Will Not Make A Change

August 18, 2020by

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It...

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Covid-19: The Entrepreneurs’ Dilemma, The Employees Discomfort And The Hard Lessons For The African And The Africa Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

August 5, 2020by

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of every economy. The role of entrepreneurs in nation-building could...

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Impact of Bribery and Corruption On Ghana’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

August 5, 2020by

“Corruption is a cancer: a cancer that eats away at a citizens faith in...

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Aceye Calls On Ecowas To Prioritize Youth Employment As A Sustainable Means To Fight Terrorism

August 5, 2020by

2019/03/PR. 16th October, 2019. ACEYE PRESS RELEASE. Violent extremism has now become a great...

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Unopposed Parliamentary Seats and Monetization Of Politics: An Abuse Of Power, Breeder Of Tyranny And Marginalization Of The Youth

August 5, 2020by

2020/01/PR.  24th February 2020. ACEYE PRESS RELEASE. The Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Youth...

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